Unique and Missguided

 onsie from Missguided
purse from ASOS
jacket from Abercombie & Fitch


My latest obsession? Onsies! I love the selections of onsies and jumpsuits from Missguided. I shop at Missguided because I enjoy the many variety of styles they have online. It’s not the same thing that everyone had come across.

 It’s just so new to me because I’ve never incorporated onsies into my style but if you should know one thing about me, it’s the fact that I love new and different things! I love things that make people unique. Wether it be bold or mild, it’s what makes you, you. With that being said, I have snaggled some goodies that you can put into use the next time you decide to go online shopping! I hope you find something you find as unique as yourselves! Get $20 off your next purchase of $80 or more at Missguided by using my name, “Jenny Violetta,” at the checkout under, “discount codes.” I hope you put that into use! Enjoy.

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    05/05/2017 at 6:44 pm Reply

    Just wanted to say i think ur cute(; excuse my old high school email ?

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