Holidays are near

Is it holiday season again?? Wake me up when its the new year, I promise that I’ll be ready to take on the new year with a smile. I love the new voxbox I had recieved from @influenster, this time I had receieved lippies from Bite, which are now available at your Sephora. 


I love the lippies from Bite, for a lip product, I’m shocked at how long it stays in place!! Thats what I look for in lip products and its really hard to keep lip products in place. I would definitely recommend Bite to my fellow friends and followers. If you would like to hear more about Bite, head on over to your nearby Sephora and check them out yourself! As I had mentioned above, around this time of year, I usually get all tiresome and hard to deal with around this time of the year- of course, at the end of the year. It does definitely have its pros and cons. One of the pros are that usually all that grumpiness enables me to be brought back from the grumps and be the positive energy that I turn out to be in the beginning towards the halfway point of the year! Which gives me the energy to remain doing what I love to do. I will be having a special holiday twitch stream thanks to my best friend, Nicole, for coming up with that idea!! To see that live tune into my twitch broadcast at December 24!! I’ll keep you updated with a time as we get closer to the 24th! 

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