Bubbles @MuseTheory event

Recently, if you’ve been keeping up with me on instagram, I had been going around t0 events around the Los Angeles area and it’s been a lot of fun! I really enjoyed MuseTheory’s event on Thursday, it opened a few windows of opportunity for me and got to meet a few new people in similar industry that I had been pursuing in. Enjoyed a few drinks with them, received a gift box with goodies from MuseTheory (which by the way, I love the blue lipgloss!! I promise to show you what it looks like in my next update), and got the chance to exchange business cards with the photographer to shoot for his brand next month which I am pretty stoked about. Now it’s time for me to see what’s up with Advanced Warfare, they just recently had a new update. I have my fingers-crossed; I really hope that they fixed a lot of the glitches that people abusing..

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