Before you judge me, I plead guilty.

crop top from G Stage
Countdown Skirt from Couture Mannequin
Shoes from Nine West

Am I a hippie for thinking that technology will one day strip us away from being unique? It’s a long conversation for another time but who knows! With inventions such as 3D printers and all.. Which brings me back to being your own person. It’s beautiful and mysterious when one does so, don’t you agree? I had found a clothing line that’s all about that! Meet Couture Mannequin, it’s bold, fierce, and it’s just my style! I love the diversity of their products it’s everything from chic to unique. It suits all trendsetters who aren’t afraid to be bold and beautiful. For those of you following my blog, I’ve also got a little gift for you, I got a 30% discount code (JV213) for all my viewers! I hope you use it wisely!

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    01/06/2016 at 1:26 pm Reply

    I’ve never seen a skirt like that one! Love the numbered cut outs! 🙂

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