blouse from g stage
shorts from h&m
shoes from ninewest
So hot I was sweating, and trust me, princesses don’t sweat, we glisten! Hahah just had to say that one, it was too good. The weather’s super bipolar blahblah- I’m sure everyone’s sick of talking about the ridiculous weather so moving on-

I’m also glad to announce we are slowly but surely getting to the point where I will be streaming my xbox live games here on Honey Insights!! Once I get it all linked up and as a wordpress.org site! Woot! Pretty excited for that and I’ve been working on my mini projects to present to you here… It’s actually coming along slowly but surely. I’m currently in love with G Stage products as you can tell, they’ve got such an amazing collection, I’m so glad they opened up a store nearby me. I’ve been having a lot on my mind these days… I’ll probably be venting soon so get ready for that.. Hehe Thanks for the support, guys!

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