My “In case of emergencies” beauty update

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So today’s post is all about my favorite “beauty buys,” when in need of makeup whether it be an emergency or a late notice you weren’t aware of, I’m sure this list will help out someone in their time of need! You can find most of these products in most CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, and other convenience stores. I hope you guys find this list of products useful and let me know what you think about them as well! Most of these products are under $20 so it’s really worth giving them a shot!

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Holidays are near

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Is it holiday season again?? Wake me up when its the new year, I promise that I’ll be ready to take on the new year with a smile. I love the new voxbox I had recieved from @influenster, this time I had receieved lippies from Bite, which are now available at your Sephora. 
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