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top from 60 degrees by reflex
shorts from sneekpeek denim
shoes from ASOS


Being fit is the new black, it seems. No matter the weather, its seems to be the trend that hasn’t already been forgotten lately, which is easy to say if your from California! It’s definitely something I enjoy wearing because what can be more comfortable than this?! Today’s ootd is brought to you by Reflex, sneekpeak denim, and Asos. 

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Unique and Missguided

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 onsie from Missguided
purse from ASOS
jacket from Abercombie & Fitch


My latest obsession? Onsies! I love the selections of onsies and jumpsuits from Missguided. I shop at Missguided because I enjoy the many variety of styles they have online. It’s not the same thing that everyone had come across.

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Holidays are near

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Is it holiday season again?? Wake me up when its the new year, I promise that I’ll be ready to take on the new year with a smile. I love the new voxbox I had recieved from @influenster, this time I had receieved lippies from Bite, which are now available at your Sephora. 
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20161014_144211_hdrtop from H&M

skirt from forever21
jacket from AG Jeans

I know its been a hell of a long time since I’ve gotten back into blogging but believe me, that time I had spent was all for a good cause! I was having a hard time switching my blog page hosting provider and I was basically spending all that time into figuring out how to use the hosting provider the right way so that I can make sure my readers don’t have to struggle as hard as I did! So please forgive me, but I’m sure it’ll be easier to forgive me after you see all the content I had been storing up for my readers to enjoy.Continue Reading

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