bodysuit from Missguided
shorts from H&M
coat from Missguided

Hello! If you have lookbook and you hadnt already, feel free to follow me on Lookbook! I usually update my lookbook account before I write up an post on here to see how well it does before I publish it here on my blog. So it will be very much appreciated if you participate in letting me know what you guys think about my outfits, etc. I know I haven’t done a beauty post in a while but I haven’t been receiving too many voxboxes lately….But don’t worry, my next post won’t let you down! I’ve got a beauty post you’ll be glad I had shared!


Recently, I’ve been having issues with my cellular device, which is the reason why I haven’t been posting on social media… But my new upgraded phone will be here within 2-3 days and I’m very excited because right before my phone started acting up, I had figured out how to livestream using my cellphone device onto twitch! So if you were interested in seeing me on a random basis, check that out here. Thanks for reading!~

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