shirt from Zara's
shorts from forever21
long socks from American Apparel

Hey guys! Thanks for checking back up on Honey Insights! It's officially semi-finished! I hope you guys enjoy the new platform for Honey Insights! As you can tell, I've been putting in a lot of my time and effort on putting Honey Insights back up and I'm glad you guys are still here to see this! I was struggling a bit in the beginning because wordpress.org is not as simple as my old hosting site but I finally done did it :). I've gotten a lot of new pieces to update Honey Insights with such as my shirt from Zara's, it's really interested because I've never actually worn suede before so isn't that cool? & Follow the link above to follow me on bloglovin'! New features have been displayed on the page- for example, you can now subscribe to my blog so you can get a email reminder every month on what's new on Honey Insights! I hope you guys enjoy it, feel free to browse around! Thanks for reading 🙂

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