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Photo Credits to Nicole Yi

SnapBack from ZeroUV
Crop top from Charlotte Russe
Denim Vest from G Stage
Black skinny jeans from Zara
Hope you guys had a just as awesome week like I did, this past week was new everything! New collaborations, new friends, new people to network with, new everything! Even new clothing favorites had appeared into my life (thanks to ZeroUV)! since I had last updated. Guess I’ve been doing me a lot more often these days rather than others, but I’ve grown to accept the fact that I can’t help when it’s only going to be taken for granted. All I can say to that long chapter of my life is, “farewell, it was one of my favorite chapters of my life but it’s time I’ve moved on!”. So these days, I’ve been exhaling the old and welcoming in the new and I love it. But enough with the personal issues, I needed to end that chapter of my life with a significant last goodbye!
Photo Credits: Nicole Yi
Excited to present to my viewers that I had received my package from ZeroUV! Gotta check out their collection of hats and eye wear, you’ll be missing out otherwise! I finally got something to match my crop top from Charlotte Russe, I had actually bought it thinking, “I will never find anything that’ll match it… am I smelling a challenge??”. So I’m glad to proudly present my #ootd! -feeling so proud- I would like to thank G Stage for the denim vest and Zara for their lovely black skinnies and of course to Nicole Yi for the amazing photos as proof of my completion of my own challenge I made up while purchasing this crop top that I felt like I needed… Hehe I hope you guys enjoy them!
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